In this article,I will educate you on 8 COMPUTER TRICKS THAT MAKES THINGS EASY , COMPUTER TRICKS THAT MAKES THINGS EASY  .some computer shortcuts that will make your work  faster.Many people know how to print documents,connect to internet but there are tricks that can make things more efficient in a computer world.Some of the tricks might be new and useful to you.

there are tricks that can make things more efficient in a computer world

1.Lock your computer in second

Your computer can be locked in second by holding the windows button plus ”L” button in a windows machine.On Mac machine,hit “command” plus  option”eject” or “power” if your PC doesn’t have an optical drive.

2.Screenshot any part of the screen

There is a simple way to screenshot any part of the screen you want,both in Mac and windows machine .On windows,make sure that you are on the page you want to screenshot ,then click on the windows button and hit the snipping tool on the left of the screen ,then drag any part of the screen you want to screenshot.For Mac “command” plus “shift” “4” brings up the tool,then you just drag the area you want to screenshot.

3.To open another opened window

In a situation where by you have browser and other applications opened at the same time,then hold down ALT and TAB button , you will quickly cycle to the next program that is open without looking for touch pad.

4. To delete multiple words

Holding backspace button to delete multiple letter one by one is a waste of time.To delete multiple words, hold down the CTRL button and continue to hit the backspace button until you wipe everything that is needed to be wiped.

5.To close multiple sites

When you have many sites open in a browser at once, you can can close them one by one by holding down the CTRL and W button.It will cause the site, you are currently on to close and will take you to the next open site.

6.To begin typing to navigate to a new site without mouse

If you are not willing to reach your mouse, you can hold down CTRL and L button to highlight the address bar and you begin typing immediately.

7.To minimize all programs

Press windows button plus D button to close all programs including the one you are.

8. To open another site

For you to open another site without making use of your mouse,just hold CTRL plus L button.


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