Businesses you can start up with less than N2000 in Nigeria 

Businesses you can start up with less than N2000 in Nigeria 

Money matters in a business startup but in a situation whereby you don’t have enough money for a start. There are some businesses you can start with as less as N2000 and start growing it. Here are some of them:
1.Selling of recharge cards
This can be very easy to start up, even in your house. All you have to do is to buy recharge cards in bulk from the main dealers and start creating awareness that you are selling it.

2.Freelance writing

Freelance writing comprises writing publishable articles for a website, blog, organization, newspaper, or any other media for a fee. For you to be a freelance writer,  you don’t need a laptop. All you need is a smartphone, data, and a creative mind. You need the ability to write and put in your time and effort.

3.Selling of fruits

This is another business you can start with little income. You can do It in a season or extract the juice and sell.

4.Noddle preparation

 Since you have plates, pots, and a gas cooker already. All you need is a table and a stand, also get some noddles, eggs and some other ingredients to start.

5.Pure water and soft drink

It can be done by buying ice blocks to freeze the products.

6.Afflilate marketing

This is a situation where someone is creating awareness for a particular product for a fee. If the product gets to sell through your efforts, you will be paid a commission. What you have to do is to copy the affiliate link and send or post It to your potential customers or friends on social media or other platforms .when people buy through the link, you will be paid a commission. You only need data and a smartphone for this business.

7.Liquid soap making

Here, you need to acquire knowledge on how the liquid soap is made. When you get the knowledge on how the liquid soap is made, you go ahead and buy the ingredients, pick containers like bottled water containers to package it.

8.Making of snacks

Snacks like beans cake don’t cost much money to start .it can be started with less capital. it sells a lot too. You can also start puf puf. Don’t be surprised that N2000 can be more than though.


If you are very smart, prepare to impart your knowledge to others and get paid. There is a large number of people that will need help with your services and is a good Businesses you can start .


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