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In a relationship, either of the partner can be suspicious of each other and he or she can be worried about kind of chatting,messages or calls that he or she receives on phone.

There are situations where by some parents might like to know what is going on the phone of their children.In this technological age , children can have access to an Android phone or other smart phone and have access to Internet and such might be up to no good without the parental regulations.

How you relate with your partner matters. Attimes,if you discover that he or she doesn’t allow you to touch his or her phone , then fear and suspicious kick in.There may be other motives why he or she keeps the phone away .It is good sometimes to spy on their messages, calls,chat on WhatsApp, social media to save you from stress and worry.

For you to have access to the data on the targeted phone, you will need an application called cocospy.Cocospy will give you access to their photo, social media chat, video,call recording log.

Understand how cocospy works by the following steps below:

1.Download and sign up on cocospy application or website for free and in less time.

2.carefully download and install the cocospy on the targeted phone and complete the set up.

3.You can now use your phone or  website to log in your credentials to monitor what you want on your target phone.There is a feature called keylogger that will save the password of your target phone that needs password.


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