Two big mistake employees make on their C.V

Two big mistake employees make on their C.V

Two big mistake employees make on their C.V.The most common problem is that people simply write too much, said Glassdoor.

“Just because you have more space when crafting a CV doesn’t mean you have to include everything you’ve ever achieved — at some point, you’ll get off topic and a hiring manager will stop reading,” it said.

“The key is to back each assertion with proof. If you can’t give an explanation for why an experience should be included, it probably shouldn’t be a part of your CV.”

The second major case is that as CVs get longer and more difficult, they tend to lose their ‘readability’, said Glassdoor.

Since CVs are lengthier than resumes, it’s easy to type away while missing grammar or spelling errors, it said.
“Submitting a CV with critical mistakes, especially in an academic context, is a big red flag. Make certain you’ve completely edited your writing — don’t rely solely on SpellCheck.

“After you’ve evaluated your CV, ask a colleague or advisor to read it over. A pair of raw eyes will capture any basic errors, suggest achievements to include that you may have skipped and (most importantly) let you know if your CV is understandable to another person.

“As with all applications, double check you have spelled the name of the company and the person who you are addressing correctly before submitting.

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