many people are not aware of the number of fraudstars that are gathering information needed to drain their hard earned money.There are many ways hackers can get you and you won’t know especially,if you are into online banking.
These are things to be aware of:
1.An email or text message can be sent to you informing of an issue with your bank account.It can be instructed to send your bvn to them so that they can use it to fix the error.They can also call you and tell you that they are calling you from the bank you have account with.Never you under any circumstance share your account bank details with anyone on phone.It is an avenue devised to hack your bank account.Visit your bank branch,if there is any issue with your account
2. Malicious website –
Avoid any website without’s’ in ‘http’ the ‘s’ stands for safe,a site is not safe if ‘s’ is not included in ‘http’.Becareful of the website that requires your bank account or card details.Investigate about a website before putting your card or bank detail as some of them are a front for hackers.As soon as you enter card details to the website,it goes straight to them and gives them access to your bank account.Make sure that you shop from safe, legitimate and trusted site to avoid regrets.
3.Weak password –
A password used in all your account might help you to remember them but it makes your account more vulnerable to hacker .If they get the password of your account,they look for your other account and use that password on them.So always make a unique password with a lot characters and numbers.And never disclose your password to anybody .
4.Third party download-
Be warned of downloading application from third-party website . Some of the third-party website are virus and malware in them.Hackers do design an app and once the app is installed in your phone.It will begin to transfer information like account password, contact details to them.Information like bank alert or transfer code store in your phone will be sent to them , when you install their app in your phone.Always download your app from Google play store,apple app store and Amazon.
5.Handling of sensitive information carelessly –
Date of birth, address, phone number can be obstain from social media.Make sure you remove all the sensitive information from social media account to avoid becoming of hackers


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