Reason for slow charging of Android phone and solution to it

Reason for slow charging of Android phone and solution to it

Reason for slow charging of Android phone and solution to it.
Nowadays your poor phone takes longer time to recharge and are constantly scrambling from one charging point to another.
Whatever is the reason for slow charging of your phone .It is the time to look into the root of the slow charging issue.
Here are 9 reasons why your Android phone is charging slowly:
1.Faulty USB cable
If your phone is charging slowly,it is recommended that you check your USB cable. USB cable tends to depreciate when it has been used roughly .It can be dropped ,bend, stepped on,left on sun during scorching and plugged in and out of your phone on a daily basis. In fact a lot can happen to your USB cable and they’re manufactured to be wimps.Get a new USB so thatĀ  you can be good to go . USB constitutes 90% of slow charging in phones.
2.Faulty adapter
ThisĀ  is that block thing that you connect USB cable with that is plucked to the power source.Power surge can damage it or it got kicked around accidentally and once it take on the brunt of any trauma rather than your handset,so they tend to not be the most stalwart little device.Get a new one to bring your charging to a full speed.
3.Weak power source
Using of laptop or desktop to charge your phone makes it charge very slowly.likewise wireless charging gives you glacial charge as well in companion to a wall outlet.The faster way to get your battery back to full is to use a dedicated wall charger and physically plug your handset into it.
4. Damaged port
If your phone is not charging fast correctly,then you may have been broken or bent a pin inside your phone USB port.And you should consider taking your phone to a professional for repair.
5.Obstructed USB port
It is common for the USB port of your phone to do a little bit of that fresh lodged into it and when you charger is inserted into it without noticing,it might hinder your charger from making a good connection to your phone USB port which can cause slow charging.
6. Draining of battery by background app.
Your number one battery sucker is your phone screen you might have some applications running in the background that constantly draining power and make your phone to charge slowly .Find a good task manager to see what is running when it shouldn’t be.
7.Operating on phone while it’s charging
Many smart phone user are not aware that the biggest drain on phone is screen and keeping that screen lit up with a high resolution video will use up the battery to make your phone charge fast, give it rest while it’s on the charger.
8.Faulty battery
Phone battery get old and bad .If the cell of the battery start to die in your device, try and replace the battery with a good one to make your charging go well.
9.Your phone may be older.
If your phone seem like it is charging slowly than people with new phone,it might be an issue and you can consider buying a new one.


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