To illustrate phone in water


Here are the good news for every phone user.Phone don’t die upon immediate contact with water.meaning that it can be fixed when there is significant damage but it has to be done very fast and take the right steps.
What happened to the phone when it falls in water

Once water enter inside the phone,it flows into the circuits.The result cause the water to act as a conductor.It carries a current which then overload the phone with somuch energy that burns the circuit board.
There are certain method that worsen the phone.Having water sit on the phone lead to corrosion of coil and resistors due to minerals in the water.Water might take time before it reached vulnerable components.That is why a phone can be drop in a water and remove immediately without noticable effects.
Another thing to note is the source of water.When your phone is drop in a toilet or puddle,it is bad but dropping it in an ocean water is saying goodbye to the phone.The reason is that salt water is highly corrosive and can damage a phone components more than fresh water.

To illustrate phone in water

Rescue steps
– Take it out of water immediately and turn it off
-Use sanitizer and microfiber cloth to wipe it clean
-Make the phone dry as possible as you can
-Remove battery ,if possible SIM card
-Hang the phone upright

Things to avoid
1.Don’t put your phone in the freezer-once you bring it out and the ice melt, you have yourself to blame.
2.Don’t dry your phone in the microwave-it is very dangerous and can start a fire
3.Don’t put your phone in a bag of rice-because it is not fast enough to counteract the corrosion that comes with water damage.
4.Don’t use hair dryer to dry your phone- the heat can burn your circuit.
Take your phone damaged by water to a trusted repair shop

After taken the above precautions,if the phone still works with glitch or not you can can take it to a local repair shop or the manufacturer for a better touch.

Practical tips for keeping your phone free from water damage

Get a water resistance phone or case .

Be mindful of your environment
Browsing session and texting rallies should be avoided around the toilet.



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